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I have a new to me Xante Impressia and I'm having an image transfer issue. I've changed out all the parts in my machine (Drums, Transfer Belt, Fuser, etc...) and I feel like the image isn't transferring properly on my envelopes. On the part of the envelope that has 3 paper thickness (Front, Back and Flap) looks proper but just the part with a front and back is faded. On my other digital machines this is usually a bias transfer issue but I can't seem to find a setting that is working to correct this. Changing the media setting from envelope and envelope heavy doesn't seem to change the output so I'm thinking its not a fuser/speed issue. I guess it could also be a fuser pressure issue but I don't see a setting for that either.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.


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The fuser pressure is adjustable. There are rings at the end of the shaft that spin. Possible that your fuser is set too loose and not fusing properly on the thinner parts? Video link below shows the adjustment rings. If I recall, the larger the gap, the tighter the pressure. If the rings (or more accurately, half-moons, line up on top of each other it is at the tightest setting for paper.
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