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We use Xante's Symphony Flexo RIP and I am wondering if anyone out there has figured out a way to archive jobs from it? Let's say that we do a job and name it Job_12345. Then 3 years later we need to make an update to this job, but it needs to be identical to what we did last time. It would be great if we could just go into our RIP archives, look up this job, open it, and see all the settings we had applied. But right now it looks like there is no ability to archive the job files in this way, and so we have to take a lot of notes manually. Then file the notes away. Has anyone else had to solve this challenge?
From Xante technical support:
The only effective way to save any digitally rendered file is to save the final Tiff file. To reprint the job just drop it back into the platesetter's tiff catcher or the RIP. To add or subtract information from the file you can use an optional tiff editor in Symphony or any other program that can edit a one bit tiff like Photoshop.
Symphony Flexo has many other ways to save job settings as templates, print queues and the .tik file attached to the postscript, but for the example you stated, saving the tiff-file is the best. It replaces the old way of saving the negative and filing it on the shelf. This method will typically apply to any digitally rendered file used in the print industry.


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