Xeikon Shows Innovations at China Print-2021


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The latest technologies for digital production were showcased by Xeikon at China Print 2021. Xeikon shared its latest innovations & discussed which technologies allow businesses to find growth by looking at new applications & trends.

According to Xeikon, Chinese printers & converters are growing, and facing a diversity of customer challenges for creative / unique products. In response, Xeikon highlighted:
  • Its comprehensive advisory service that includes a hotline for advice & guidance on digital transformation;
  • The application ease & versatility of their recently launched SIRIUS dry toner for Graphic Arts & commercial print;
  • Launching their UV-inkjet product range;
  • Highlighting Xeikon as the manufacturer with both inkjet & dry toner technology, covering multiple applications;
  • Samples & information on their dry toner & UV inkjet solutions for label printing.
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