Xeikon Unveils New North American Headquarters


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Xeikon America has announced the opening of a new NA headquarters in the Chicago suburb of Elgin, IL. The new facility at 350 River Ridge Road is located within Elgin’s Prologis Business Park. Prior to occupancy, the building underwent a floor-to-ceiling renovation to Xeikon’s specifications. All of the more than 60 employees at the company’s previous location in Itasca, IL have elected to make the move to Elgin.

Eighty percent of the 39,000 sq ft. headquarters is dedicated to customer support functions, including a state-of-the-art Innovation Center, providing customers with greatly expanded space dedicated to demonstration, training and software solutions. Highlighted is Xeikon dry toner and UV-IJ printer solutions that serve the print & packaging industries, specializing in: food, beverage, beer, wine & spirits, health & beauty, pharmaceutical, agriculture and nutraceutical applications. The new headquarters also provides improved warehousing & office space.

“Customer needs continue to evolve and a company must be adaptive and agile to remain competitive,” said Benoit Chatelard, Xeikon CEO. “This new facility was designed and developed with that in mind.”


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