Xerox 1000i - All prints have a light layer of magenta over the entire page


It's actually printing mostly towards the inboard side with a smooth gradient. The outboard side is not as bad as the inboard side, which has a strong magenta tint on the entire sheet. It just started happening out of nowhere.

My first thought is faulty drum. Does this seem to be the most likely culprit? Or could it be something else like developer?

I was running a lot of calibration jobs and adjustments prior to this happening but nothing out of the ordinary. Besides, it wouldn't explain why it's printing magenta over the whole sheet. Also, I recently moved to a larger warehouse and I've been struggling to keep the humidity under control around 50%. Could higher humidity than normal be related to this?

I've only ever seen that on Xerox machines when the drum has worn down past 0% It's rare that a drum lasts that long but I've seen it a few times.
For anyone searching for this in the future, it turned out there was nothing physically wrong with the drum, developer, corotron, or developer housing. I had pulled out the ITB tray and took a look at the drums and I noticed that there was a clear build up of yellow toner inside the developer housing around the drum (The walls of the inner cavity where the drum resides). There wasn't really any toner out of place anywhere else.

SOLUTION >> I planned on removing the drum and wiping it all down but decided to enter Admin mode on the PCUI and went to the Maintenance page to perform a Dry Toner cleaning routine on Magenta.

It was absolutely perfect after that. It completely and instantly fixed the problem and when I looked at the developer housing inside walls, they seemed to be clean again. I have no idea how the machine cleaned it itself. More importantly I have no idea how that toner got there in the first place. Perhaps there is something not right with the developer housing but only time will tell. For now I'm back online!


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