Xerox J75 - Streaky Solids - CMYK Test Sheet Attached


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I'm having problems with streaky solids on my J75. It was suggested that I create a CMYK test sheet which is what I've done on 100lb Gloss Cover. Each color has 10 "steps" from 100% - 10%. I've attached a picture of it with the transfer voltage set to 130 (which looks about the same as the Auto/100 setting does). I'm most dissatisfied with the Cyan and Magenta quality. I printed a bunch of these test sheets out with transfer voltages all the way from 200 down to 30. The quality looked best at 30 but still didn't look good and when I went to print a real live job it looked very bad still.

Limited service history:
1 day ago: I tested 3 new CMY drums. No difference.
2 months ago: 2nd BTR was replaced, Black Developer Housing was replaced, fuser was replaced
5 months ago: Replace IBT belt, magenta developer and developer housing
9 months ago: Yellow developer and housing was replaced

Can anybody give me advice on what I should be asking for at this point? Thanks.


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What I am seeing in your sample looks normal for toner based output devices. Why not post a sample of your real live job that looks very bad?


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At quick glance I don't see anything serious going on.

But parts replaced in any time frame...especially months... doesn't really mean anything. A significant amount of service and consumable parts are bad out of the box. If a part is causing a problem they should replace it. Cumulatively we've probably been through a dozen developer housings, a few IBT belts, a couple 2nd BTRs just in 2018.


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Well our normal tech is on vacation so we had a different guy in. He took a quick glance and decided to swap the blacks developer. Big improvement and I’m pretty sure we are back as good as it gets.

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