Xitron Begins Shipping USB Interface replacing SCSI cards


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Xitron has begun shipping Navigator RIP and Raster Blaster TIFF kits for Trendsetter CtP units operating through SCSI cards. The development of the USB-SCSI interface grants new life to hundreds of SCSI-based CtP devices.

The USB-SCSI interface is expected to save hundreds of thousands of dollars among Trendsetter users whose systems are at risk of failure. Xitron engineers are also working on interfaces for other SCSI-based systems such as Agfa’s popular Palladio and Fuji’s Vx series of platesetters.

Xitron has an installed base of over 30,000 Navigator RIPs and workflows and nearly 5,000 Raster Blaster TIFF Catchers worldwide, driving devices from Agfa, ECRM, Creo, Kodak, Presstek, Heidelberg, Fuji, and Screen. For more information: www.xitron.com


Is true, I intalled a couple in a old Herkules Pro and Prosetter 74 (both machienes from Heidelberg), and worked nice an ease.

This interface make me save alot of time

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