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    I'm new to the printing industry and want to start with low volume jobs (500 - 3000). I looking at purchasing an HP Indigo TurboStream. Is this a good press to start with?

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    Re: HP Indigo TurboStream

    That's a complicated question.

    Whether you should buy a digital press, a hydrid digital (DI) or a conventional press depends on many factors. The most important is how, what, when and where you intend to sell your work. Print is a very competitive market, and nearly all forms of printing are commoditized (price and turn times are very important factors). Making money at it means you need to clearly understand your costs so you can sell your work at a rational price, and having a market space which allows you to do so.

    Without knowing more about your business plan, no one can tell you with confidence which type or size of press is right for you.


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      Re: HP Indigo TurboStream

      I can only speak to the quality of the printing of the Turbostream as we experienced it over the course of the 8 years we owned one. The Turbostream did not produce the quality we needed for our clients, and thus, we could not print many jobs that otherwise fit the run length appropriate for digital printing. The press ended up being severely under utilized for that reason. We recently upgraded to a new Indigo 3050 and couldn't be happier with the vastly improved quality. Our volume has picked up and we can print longer runs on the press due to ability to duplex (which wasn't really feasible on the Turbostream). I would test, test, test any press with as many sample files with big solids (especially blue) and gradations and tints to see if the Turbostream you are looking at meets your typical client's quality expectations. Just my two cents.


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        Re: HP Indigo TurboStream

        THANKS for the information AKC. Could you elaborate more on the duplex issues with this press? Are there any serious maintenance problems that you are aware of?
        Is the INDIGO ULTRASTREAM any better?

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          looking for a HP Indigo TurboStream. help guide


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