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  • Xerox Igen3 Certified

    Hi, everybody..
    My name is John and I have a question about Xerox digital printing. I saw an ad that said " must be Xerox igen3 certified". What does it mean?

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    Re: Xerox Igen3 Certified

    The print shop I used to work for had an iGen3-110, and when we bought it they sent me (at the time - the Prepress Manager) to Rochester, NY to train at Xerox's facility for a week. In the middle of December, no less!!
    As well, when I returned to the shop we had 2 more weeks of on site training. When it was complete their Implementation Specialist signed off on my certificate stating I was a "Certified" operator / customer maintenance level 2 guru! I would think that's what they are referring to....



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      Re: Xerox Igen3 Certified

      Thanks Vee.
      Is Rochester NY the only place for Xerox training? How about in New York City?


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        Re: Xerox Igen3 Certified

        They have a limited number of training locations, if I recall.


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          Re: Xerox Igen3 Certified

          They used to have a training center (still might) in California, but the main location is the Gil Hatch Center in Rochester, NY. The certified training program involves a week of training in Rochester, then follow-up back at your company for at least another week. It's not a cheap program. If I remember correctly, it cost us $20,000 to train two people (not including travel expenses). They teach you to troubleshoot and repair most quality issues with the press. It's a really good program.
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