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  • Konica Minolta controller

    Newbie here so be gentle.

    I have a KM C3070 with internal IC-605 controller. I'm trying to find out if I can export a softproof - exactly like the Fiery command workstation could do. Of course the salesman said the KM can do everything the Fiery could do.
    I've asked my dealers/engineers who seem to think it is not possible. This beggars belief, in my mind, for a DFE not to be able to offer this function?

    So come on all you KM employees - help me out!


    ps the IQ501 is fantastic!

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    Hi and thank you for purchasing the C3070
    With the IC 605 controller see the following link for help manuals. You can export a job.

    This is performed via AccurioPro Print Manager

    When you received the machine it shipped with various CD's. One of them should have the Print Manager utility. If you need an assist to install contact your local support.
    A KMBS Production Print employee from across the water

    A Production Print Konica Minolta employee.


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      Correction, see this link how to access the print manager utility:
      A Production Print Konica Minolta employee.


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        Originally posted by Davejh View Post
        Of course the salesman said the KM can do everything the Fiery could do.
        I would add that the KM controller can do what the Fiery can do if you have add-ons, just like you would with Fiery. Out of the box, they both have the same essentials for programming jobs, basic imposition, job queuing, etc. But when you want more advanced features, you have to pay for them just like you would with Fiery. For example, the Fiery typically doesn't do advanced imposition such as gutters, adding marks, bleeds, etc out of the need to purchase an impose/compose license. KM has their own version of impose/compose called AccurioPro Flux which can do even more that impose/compose such as dutch cuts. Same for exporting a soft proof. This is only possible on the Fiery with the ImageViewer that comes with the Graphics Arts Package Premium Edition. If your previous Fiery did come with these out of the box, it was just part of the package and you paid for it whether you realized it or not.


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          Thanks guys - appreciate the feedback and pointing me in the right direction.


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