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Efi Fiery or Creo

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  • Efi Fiery or Creo

    Hello everybody.
    This is my first post. My question is, we have a KonicaMinolta bizhub pro 6500e at work with a Efi fiery-rip. Would we gain anything to change the rip to the Creo.

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    Re: Efi Fiery or Creo

    Hey Thomas

    To be honest you probably wouldnt see a great deal of difference. What might you be looking to gain from changing front? Better color? Improved quality? If you have something in mind it might be possible to get it another way.

    I cant say im overally familiar with the konica device, but the front ends are all pretty similar - just slightly different engines and processing methodology. I wouldnt recomend changing for change's sake; only change with a set idea of what you look to acheive by the change.




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      Re: Efi Fiery or Creo

      Hi Thomas,

      Having used both, I'd opt for the Creo, hands down. Tho the fiery may have come some way since I used one approx 6 years ago. Better colour control and functionality. Although one thing the fiery did have that was blooming great was Pitstop professional bolted on. Not sure if that was an extra or bundles by default. Great app Pitstop.



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        Re: Efi Fiery or Creo

        I would agree with you there 100% Dave - go for the Creo Thomas.


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          Re: Efi Fiery or Creo


          For what it would cost with the Fiery and the Grahic Arts Kit (to get consistent and stable color. Okay, relatively consistent and relatively stable) you could just get it done right and better with the Creo unit. I think it's the IP-301. I wouldn't bother with the Fiery for production color. If you're doing office work then no big deal. But anything that it is commercial, Creo always.
          Matt Beals
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            Re: Efi Fiery or Creo

            CREO, not even close.

            The Virtual Printers that you can configure on the CREO alone make it the only choice, not to mention the other great points mentioned.



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              Re: Efi Fiery or Creo

              We have a Creo on our 6500 and we really like it. We use the imposition tools all the time and it is very simple. The Creo is very fast, and the color is very stable. Also we have the rep's number so we can call her and she is really nice and helpful.


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                Re: Efi Fiery or Creo

                I used both!
                Xerox and Spire 5000 form Creo (Kodak now)
                100% better Spire!
                The way you can import ripped file from Brisque (LW and CT) helps a lot!
                And is damn fast too!!
                The imposition is not too good in my opinion, but with Preps you solve all the problems


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                  Re: Efi Fiery or Creo

                  We rip variable data from Design Merge in Quark 6.5 to a Zip file, rip it on the Fiery but it swaps out OTF fonts with courier. We have to convert those fonts to Mac Type 1 fonts which sometimes doesn't work either. Does Fiery not support OTF fonts? I can't even get them to load into the Fiery Font engine.


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