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  • Hot Foil Stamping

    Does any one know how to determine the grade of hot stamping foil when the roll is no longer full or labeled? Is it possible to identify the stock it is for by the colour of the adhesive layer?

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    Re: Hot Foil Stamping


    Are you the operator, or are you just posting for another person?
    The reason I ask is because I work with a guy who used to run letter
    presses, and he seems to think that you would know what stock it
    would go with by experience with the various foils that your
    shop/plant uses. Not really a great answer. Is there a specific
    feature that the roll in question has that might help another
    member answer the question a little more accurately?

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      Re: Hot Foil Stamping

      We recently bought two foil presses, and have acquired about 100 rolls of assorted foil. We are running with whatever works, but would like to know if there is a way to tell if a foil is intended for a specific application.


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        Re: Hot Foil Stamping

        Generally most foils work on most paper substrates, trial and error is still the best way to determine applicability. The foil release is actually more important, and is dependent on how large an area you want the foil to cover, whether fine type, medium coverage like most logos or heavy coverage. Again, unless you have the manufacturer and foil number, you're limited to trial and error. You don't have to mount the foil to do this, just cut a piece of foil and tape one corner to the substrate, Position the die, put the press on impression, and if you are up to heat and pressure, you'll soon see if it is going to work.

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          We deal with foil from half dozen foil manufacturers. There really isn't a way to ID foil, unless you either 1) sell foil, or 2)have experience foil stamping. Crown roll leaf usually has an orange/brown backing with little circles/bubbles. Kurtz hastings has a white backing. And both infinity and API come in a lot of different release colors. Nakai is typically green on the back side. Hope this helps.


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