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Word Background Won't Show Up in PDF

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  • Word Background Won't Show Up in PDF

    Does anyone know how I can get the background in a Word document to show up when I print it to a PDF? I have used the Background Printing option but that still does not make it show up. The customer insists I use the background pattern he used but I have no way to pull it out of word so I can put it in a REAL graphics program. HELP!!!!

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    Re: Word Background Won't Show Up in PDF

    what print driver is printing the PDF?


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      Re: Word Background Won't Show Up in PDF

      Try saving the Word file as a Windows Metafile (.wmf), then throw it into Illustrator,
      delete everything you don't need and then emulate the background with Illustrator's
      tools too produce the desired result. Note that everything will be RGB, but that's
      easily taken care of with Illy.

      Hope it helps.


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        Re: Word Background Won't Show Up in PDF

        You should generate an XPS file fist. XPS is the answer of Microsoft to PDF. You can download it from the Microsoft webpage. But be careful, your RIP won't understand XPS. With Acrobat 8 professional you can afterwards generate a PDF from the XPS file. It should work like that but take care of the color space because XPS only supports RGB so you have to convert the file to a CMYK PDF.


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          Re: Word Background Won't Show Up in PDF

          If you copy the background you should be able to create a 300ppi Photoshop document then paste it save it out as CMYK PS file and drop into Illustrator or InDesign - then overlay your text and create whatever flavour of PDF you need via Export or PDF Presets.

          Background Printing - this lets the printing happen while you do something else on your PC/Mac.

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