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Agfa 9400 RIP Compatibility?

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  • Agfa 9400 RIP Compatibility?

    We have an AGFA 9400 Imagesetter here, and are not familiar with the RIPs that are compatible with the machine that will work on a MAC OS 10.5 Leopard system. Is there any special one that we are required to use, or do we have a few options?

    Also - the machine came with a "Agfa 9000 PS Level 1" rip? Anyone familiar?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Agfa 9400 RIP Compatibility?

    If it is an AGFA 9400 it is compatible with a Harlequin RIP. If it is a Compugraphic 9400, it is only compatible with an older AGFA RIP. The cost of the Harlequin RIP is going to run you anywhere from $5,700.00 to $7,000.00. The higher end is if you need a platform for the RIP. You could get an old AGFA hardware RIP that is PS Level 2, but this will not output the new files that are being generated. You will also have a hard time finding material for the 9400. It has an IR laser that is no longer used in todays imagesetters.

    I'm sure you didn't give too much for the machine and the problems that you are going to have with such a vintage machine may not be worth it. Look for an AccuSet with a Harlequin RIP for your output. This is a rock solid device and has registration good enough (+/- 1mil) to do good quality color. Even if you get the 9400 running, it's registration is +/- 18mil.

    Good luck


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