Agfa Proset 9400 with RIP Star 400


Hello to everybody in this forum.

This is my first post and I have some doubt about an equipment.

I often use imagesetter services from a third party for producing negative and positive films for PCB (printed circuit board) making. However I have access to an equipment that I could get into my basement, but I am not sure how these things works.

The equipment is an Agfa Proset 9400 imagesetter, with a Rip Star 400 (I already know, it is a very old equipment, capstan hassles, etc.). However, I do not need the fancy of new equipments, since I only plan to output "solid line" (I do not know exactly what is the terminology for that, but I do not want to do halftones, CMYK registering, etc.).

Some questions arise in my mind...

Could I connect my Windows PC to this RIP Star 400? Or only works for Mac's?

I think that the "RIP" itself is a dedicated computer with its own microprocessor, memory, hard disk, etc. If the hard disk inside the RIP crashes, what solutions are available? Could I partition and format a new hard disk (SCSI?, IDE?), install nedded software, etc. to save a crashed RIP?

Is there any way to connect the Agfa Proset 9400 directly to my Windows PC (just like a printer), and maybe some software that emulates the harware RIP?

As I stated, a fancy new machine seems oversized for me since I do not need most of the features in them. What I am looking for is to get some equipment like this:

Mega-UK - Plotting Systems

Thank you very much for any help that you could provide.
Absolutely not true! Don, where did you get that?

We have infrared Film in stock on the shelf. Current, new, first quality stuff.

We have 30 meter rolls in cardboard cassettes in both 12" (305mm) and 13.3" (338mm)
These fit 9400's, and some older ECRM systems (vr30) and the 13.3 fits the original ExtraSetter 300.

We also have 60 meter daylight load for 9800's, both 12" and 13.3" in stock.

Of course we have any / all prepress consumables as well.
Jim - CompuDoc - 877-983-8800
What a shameful way to advertise.... Infrared Lasers have not been used in Imagesetters for at least 15 years and with the reduction of film manufacturing in general what IR film that is left is going to diminish very fast.

My point should have been:

The system is so old that service, parts and film will be very hard to obtain not to mention the compatibility issues with newer operating systems and applications. The cost for a used Imagesetter that uses HN/LD technology with even an older PS3 Harlequin RIP would be a much wiser way to go.

I try to make posts that are informative to the question at hand and not just advertising for my own company.

But with that said:

As the owner of Elite Technical Services and Digital Direct we provide service, equipment and consumables and would be glad to be your provider for all of your needs.
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Jim is right that IR film is still readily available. However Don is more correct about the extreme age of the 9400. If you want to buy used, look at something like an old Agfa Accuset/Avantra or ECRM with a fairly recent Harlequin rip.
If you want to connect from a PC it can be done, using a RIP such as an oldHarlequin or StudioRIP and a specific interface card. These cards are all very old now and work on older PCs XP etc, if your lucky may find one on ebay etc, most people I suspect just throw them away now.

another alternative could be using an Epson printer and inkjet film, PM me if you want more info


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