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Agfa 9400, OS Leopard MAC, Negative issues

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  • Agfa 9400, OS Leopard MAC, Negative issues

    We are running an Agfa Proset 9400 with a Viper RIP on an older Mac (OS 9), and I am trying to send files to a hot folder from CS3 on a new imac. I can send the files fine, and image them in a positive form. When I choose the print driver as the Agfa Proset 9400 in AI for example, I can then select negative and the RIP will flush the image and not take it. Any ideas?

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    Re: Agfa 9400, OS Leopard MAC, Negative issues

    Adam, what version of the Viper RIP are you running? i would presume it is 1.5. Although this was a very stable RIP in it's time, trying to run a newer app. like CS3 may have issues going to this RIP. The only way it may work is to alter the UserBoot file on the RIP to change the default on the RIP from positive to negative. if you would like to get a hold of me I can dig up my old documentation on how to do this.


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