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  • Fastest CTP

    What is the fastest CTP 8 up device on the market?

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    Re: Fastest CTP

    Saber V8 HS

    Combining a newly designed mirror spinning at 60,000 rpm with dual laser optics, the fully
    automatic Fujifilm Saber V-8 HS can output 50 8-up plates per hour a 2400 dpi and 70 plates per
    hour at 1200 dpi, making it the fastest 8-up commercial engine on the market today. At 2400 dpi,
    the Saber V-8 HS can produce a four-color 8-up set in just 4 1/2 minutes. With higher productivity
    and a lower price than its competitors, the Saber V-8 HS is a compelling reason to choose

    No I don't work for Fuji, just use their stuff.



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      Re: Fastest CTP

      Kodak Magnus 800Z Quantum. 60 plates/hr. Can be set up to hold up to 500 plates, do 10 Micron Staccato, and you don't have to calibrate it!

      And it has a big brother too, the XLF80 for the HUGE presses out there.


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        Re: Fastest CTP

        The above posts I suppose are just jokes....
        Fastest Magnus800 (X speed) makes only 40pph (plates/hour). The 60pph version (Z speed) is not yet available

        Fastest 8-up CTP on the market I know is Trendsetter News200 which has 2xTH2 Creo lasers.
        Max plate size 1118x838 (83pph) min. size 290x304 (240pph - that's a set of 2 plates every 30 seconds!!!).
        I know a few sites running more than 5000 plates a night on 3 News 200 with Nela preloaders and inline optical punches.
        For such a volume this machine is the only option.
        Remember these are SquareSpot heads 2400dpi - 450LPI - Staccatto20 for News200c (c=commercial) or 1200dpi- 200LPI - Staccatto25 for News200; +/-10 microns repeatability at largest plate size.

        As a comparison, fastest Screen CTP is rated at 84 plates/hour (290mm x 460mm) - about 3 times slower.

        The News200 is basically a regular Trendsetter autoloader with 2 lasers and will probably be pushed further to image up to 260-270pph
        The maximum speed for 1 laser (News150) is 60/150pph (about 70% speed).
        There is almost no difference between a basic, manual load Trendsetter 800 and News200 engines. This is why I previously said the Trendsetter was the best ever designed CTP.

        The downside - the internal bay can take max 125 plates without slipsheets, and all the customers buying this machine are using it in conjunction with the Nela preloader.

        Oh, and XLF looks to be a revolution in the VLF CTP world but we have to wait a while longer...

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          Re: Fastest CTP

          When you say 8 up I would naturally presume sheet fed litho, Newspaper CTP systems are a bit different! If I needed alot of plates I would rather buy 2 systems rather than relying on 1 ultra fast palatesetter.



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            Re: Fastest CTP

            8 up on a newspaper press is possible is your printing books stitch and trimmed on a 34 or 35” web.

            On to the answer to your question

            Speed is good.

            A second machine is a must. If one fails at 2:00 AM who do you call. Most newspaper printer’s work after 5:00 PM about the time the repair people are on the road home.

            We’re working with a very old FtP hopping that it last a few more months until we get into our new site if that happens. Should we get to move we’ll have two CtP made for newspapers 30pph.

            J Wilson
            Tracy Ca


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