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Pitstop, one copy, two workstations?

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  • Pitstop, one copy, two workstations?

    I need to get Pitstop, never dealt with it so I'm ready for it - but I've got two OSX workstations (they're networked), can I buy one full copy and run it on both machines? I don't want to do anything under-handed, I just want to know how much allowance comes with one copy. - Thanks!

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    Re: Pitstop, one copy, two workstations?

    Nope, that will violate the EULA. Not only that, you won't be able to run both copies of Acrobat at the same time either, it will detect the Plug-In running on one machine & refuse to let the 2nd machine activate Acrobat at all. Sucks, as it's pretty expensive but if you really need it that much on 2 machines at all times, gotta buy 2 copies.


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      Re: Pitstop, one copy, two workstations?

      Hmmm... I think what I'll do is plan around using it on one workstation for now, I'll probably only be using it every once in a while at first, but from all that I hear it's a must for tough-to-crack PDFs. If we love it we'll go ahead and buy another. Thanks!


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