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Endless (CO) Dotshape

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  • Endless (CO) Dotshape

    Does someone knows exactly the characteristics of that dotshape?
    Thank you

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    Re: Endless (CO) Dotshape

    In FlexRip, the CO dotshape behaves like the normal circular (C) shape, but the screens are optimized for making seamless sleeves on the CDI. Years ago, the CO shape was the only way to do seamless, but in more recent versions of FlexRIP you can make other dot shapes seamless by selecting the "Seamless" screen type in the RIP expose ticket (seamless screening is a payable option). You will find more details on the dot shapes etc in the Screening manual which is included on your Esko installation DVD.

    Hope this helps.


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      Re: Endless (CO) Dotshape

      CO is also different from C in that the lineatures will mate correctly with Samba screening. If you are using CS (CS14, CS19, etc.) screens for FM screening in some areas, you will need to use CO for non FM in the same document in order for the areas to line up correctly. Apparently the math is different between Samba and C screening in actual line count at different resolutions.


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