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    We have switched over to the Fuji DoP plate thanks to Printech and we have a couple of questions.

    First is we are running a 2 color SM-52 with the water in integrated mode and we can not achieve a printable balance, either toning, scumming or washing out. Has anyone else encountered this and how can we improve this, and has switching to non-intergraded shown improvement?

    Second, what are the recommended fountain solutions?

    Third, what type of a shelve live does an exposed plate have? We are burning and running within 4 days and my pressman is questioning the background of the plate taking ink.

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    Dear Sir

    I am attaching file.

    Fountain solution infomation for FUJIFILM.

    please check it.

    Best regards
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      1) Fuji Ecomaxx T plates, I assume. Process on press plates are extremely calcium sensitive, so keep that in mind.

      2) My Fuji contacts suggest running Superia PressMax JRDC fount at 3oz. and Superia PressMax ARS-ML sub at 2.oz for best results on the SM52

      3) DOP plates are very light and scratch sensitive, so right away keep the plates covered with the tissue papers provided.


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