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  • Fuji Dop Plates

    We have switched over to the Fuji DoP plate thanks to Printech and we have a couple of questions.

    First is we are running a 2 color SM-52 with the water in integrated mode and we can not achieve a printable balance, either toning, scumming or washing out. Has anyone else encountered this and how can we improve this, and has switching to non-intergraded shown improvement?

    Second, what are the recommended fountain solutions?

    Third, what type of a shelve live does an exposed plate have? We are burning and running within 4 days and my pressman is questioning the background of the plate taking ink.

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    Dear Sir

    I am attaching file.

    Fountain solution infomation for FUJIFILM.

    please check it.

    Best regards
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      1) Fuji Ecomaxx T plates, I assume. Process on press plates are extremely calcium sensitive, so keep that in mind.

      2) My Fuji contacts suggest running Superia PressMax JRDC fount at 3oz. and Superia PressMax ARS-ML sub at 2.oz for best results on the SM52

      3) DOP plates are very light and scratch sensitive, so right away keep the plates covered with the tissue papers provided.


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        We are having some luck with the Fuji Ecomaxx T plates but we are still having clean up issues when we start our runs. Not every run but enough to be a pain. We are using Tower Millenium SF and Dynamic ARP fountain solution and are running on a SM52 with alcolor. We have our chiller running at 58 degrees and have replaced our water pan rollers due to issues and age. Is anyone else


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          I asked a plate tech about your post. While each scenario may differ and this is not definitive, it is a good starting point.

          Understand that the tack of the ink is what removes the image from the plate. Optimal roller settings throughout the units are imperative to the plate’s development.
          Too many try idling the press with the dampeners on to apply excessive water thinking it will help develop quicker. This may actually retard it as when they start the press up the tack of the ink is reduced from over-emulsification.
          With all modern presses you should just be able to hit the production button and let the press start up in its normal cycle which starts the sheets feeding through the press and the units will go on impression in sequence. The non-image emulsion should be removed on the paper within 20 sheets.

          If there is some residual emulsion remaining it should clean up on the next pull.
          It is also critical that since the press is now the plate processor that weekly maintenance on the press is performed religiously. Drain Fountain Solution and perform roller maintenance. Roller maintenance is so critical and calcium is a major issue. Weekly preventative maintenance, not reactive problem fixing maintenance.


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