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RIP Genesis 7.1 vs Harlequin Server RIP (v8.0)

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  • RIP Genesis 7.1 vs Harlequin Server RIP (v8.0)

    Hi there!

    I've just received an offer to upgade our Harlequin 6 to v. 7.1.
    After looking around on the Global Graphics site, I came across the
    "Harlequin Server RIP (v8.0)"...

    Can anyone tell me if that is a "hugh" upgrade or is it just an extended upgrade from the 7.1 RIP?
    It looks very impressive to me - and I wonder if I in that case should take two step up directly or not?

    I am working in a small printing house with just 3 people on the prepress side, so we are not looking for a
    complete workflow scenario, just something that can serve our CtP.

    And - Could it be a good idea to run our Canon proofer and large format printer as well on the same RIP, using plug-ins?

    Well, well... a lot of thinking is going on in my head... :-)

    Any advice from you others - do anyone runs the proofer and so on with plugs? - would be appreciable...
    (Today I use a Colorproof XF 3.3 for proofing and large format...)

    All the best to you all!

    // Best Regards from Lennart

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    Re: RIP Genesis 7.1 vs Harlequin Server RIP (v8.0)


    The v.8 is a major version release not some cosmetic upgrade from 7.2. I understand code was rewritten to have full compatibility with pdfs from Acrobat 8, files generated fro CS3 etc.. On several occasions on our Harleq 7.2 I've had pdf pages originated from CS3 indesign or distilled from Acro 8 (although they were prepared as PDF 1.5 believe it or not) that didn't come out properly, especially when complex jobs w. or without transparencies. Strange enough pages sent from QXP 7 seem more robust and rip better but that's a different story.
    I would go directly to v.8 in your case. You should look for more information on your oem manufacturer website, be it Xitron, Compose, ECRM or whatever, as they add in their own additional code and features in the core rip, so there are differences between them.
    I wouldn't advise you to use the plugins. I believe you use the Canon for color proofing and the LFP for imposition proofs. Hook them on their own rip acccepting 1-bit tiffs then send out he production tiffs from your harlequin to the other rip - in most cases it's serendipity. You cannot afford printing anything directly from your production harlequin as it will be busy sending out print data to your LFP... just send out your original 1-bit to the second pc with blackmagic and you'er done.
    Hope it helps.


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      Re: RIP Genesis 7.1 vs Harlequin Server RIP (v8.0)

      I agree with all but the plugins. If configured correctly, you can off load the ripped file to a windows printer that will send the data to the plotter of your choice. All you need is an ethernet connection to the printer/plotter. This is not only more efficient, but it is much less of an expense than Black Magic.


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