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Refine DCS2 in Prinergy = Lines

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  • Refine DCS2 in Prinergy = Lines

    When I refine a DCS2 file in Prinergy, I get faint white (corruption) lines that appear in solid areas. You have to actually zoom to at least 3200% to see them and they do actually image on plate. I cannot be certain that the original DCS2 file has or doesn't have them either. Has any one experienced this or have a way to view the DCS2 file before I refine?


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    Re: Refine DCS2 in Prinergy = Lines

    Try opening it up into Photoshop and as a PSD file, zoom in to the same factor. Do you see them there too?

    Is there copydot in there by chance? Could be a resolution roundoff error as the scan could be slightly higher res than the CTP head.

    The only time I consider using DCS is when I still need to link it to Quark. Otherwise I convert DCS files to PSD and update link in InDesign. Adobe isn't friendly to Quark's old code...

    If they go the length of the image, could be banding from the CTP or the processer too.

    Might be a good idea to log a call with the response centre.
    Allan Larson


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