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Anamolous font issue in PDF - cannot replicate

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  • Anamolous font issue in PDF - cannot replicate

    Recently, we had an issue that needs an explanation for which I can only say anomaly. The original CS3 document was Normalized (AGFA ApogeeX 2.5) correctly with all fonts appearing correctly. After some revisions, the document was again written to .ps and Normalized with the exact same settings (download complete fonts, no subsetting at the Normalizer). On the second iteration, one single instance of a W in Adobe Garamond Bold became a sans-serif Y. The document info and inspection with Pitstop indicates the rogue character is Adobe Garamond Bold, even though it was a sans-serif typeface. However, the offending character on the second PDF created was also listed as a subsetted and had a weird name (HCAHNN+AGaramond-Bold instead of just AGaramond-Bold).

    Upon trying to replicate the error (NO fonts reloaded or font caches cleared) the PDF was produced correctly. There were no errors at the Normalizer. I have absolutely no idea of why this might have occured other than some corruption of the font encoding in the writing of the PostScript. The PostScript was generated by IDCS 3 (v 5.0.0). Reading through the release notes on v 5.0.2, there is no mention of any font issues other than a fix to the rendering of glyphs.

    Has anybody know what the HCAHNN is all about or ever seen anything like this?

    Any input or further questions in helping to find an answer are greatly appreciated



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