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  • Polarized film printing

    any you guys ever printed or proofed on a piece of polarized film?

    got a request to do one where if you look at the piece, you see one image, when you put on the polarized sunglasses, a hidden image appears.

    they must stay up late thinkin' of this stuff.

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    Re: Polarized film printing


    i have not come across this, but it is interesting some of the things people come up with in printing. ive dealt with "Void"pantographs before, where the background of a coupon will have the word "VOID" screened in such a way that it is difficult to see and to read unless you are really looking for it, but if you make a laser copy of it, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

    i know this doesnt answer your question, but it would be interesting to hear some of the strange things people have printed like this.



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      Re: Polarized film printing

      thanks for the reply.
      yeah, the hard part is figuring out how to make the image disappear and re-appear.

      All they gave me was a printed sample (silkscreened, no less). Spent several days googling to no avail.

      It has a black halftone on the face of the plastic and a solid silver on the back, with who knows what between the silver and the plastic to make it work.

      There's something done to the back side image, I know it's like an 85 line screen, so no geometric screening that would run perpendicular to the polarized film...
      and yes, it is on a sheet of polarized film

      Yes, we just printed a "Void Pantograph" job the other day, that stuff is easy...
      once you get the right file that matches your output res and your printing press...



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        Re: Polarized film printing

        wow, thats some crazy sounding business. ive never heard of that. we do a lot of direct mail brochures here, and we do a lot of die-cut gift cards with the magnetic strips, that sort of thing. nothing like that, though. hopefully you can find the answers you seek, someone must have printed it somewhere.

        good luck,



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          I've gotten this request again (to print on polarized film) and wondering if there is anyone who knows how this is done.
          Serious answers only.


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