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  • Dolev 800

    I had someone ask me about the error, "No Film In..." It had something to do with the feeding of the film, I just don't remember what the fix was. Can anyone answer that one?

    Was it lining up the film left or right because it was missing the sensor? ~shrugging shoulders~


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    Re: Dolev 800

    I recall the dolev being finicky about loading film "no film at film in" usually was caused by a miss feed when loading new film.

    Make sure you pull the film out and cut it back so that only about an inch is sticking out of the cassette then kinda rub the film up (against the curl) a few tilmes, if after a few attempts it still won't load most likely there is a small sliver of film that was at the end of the roll thats mucking it up. push open the film door and look around.

    Don't recall ever having to line up the film left or right.


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      Re: Dolev 800

      Even if you clean everything and continue to have problems, it is big probability your rollers need replacement.
      Be warned though, they are not cheap and if you are not covered by service contract, it might cost you couple of thousands per casette to replace them.


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