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Rampage and Preps integration

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  • Rampage and Preps integration

    I am testing Preps 5 with Rampage. I noticed that I don't have option for making eps files out of preps. In version 4.x my regular workflow is to make PDF (from Indesign) or EPS (from Quark using Font Wizard) and rip it. Rampage was making FPO that we used in Preps. From Preps we printed to File and each signature was separate EPS file, that we manually renamed to something with meaning. I ripped Preps made eps files and Rampage replaced fpos with Hi-res. Everything was nice and quick.

    Now, that I don't have options for EPS, my question is what do you guys use? What is your workflow?

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    Re: Rampage and Preps integration

    you need to install the rampage profile from the install CD to get the save as EPS option in Preps...


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      Re: Rampage and Preps integration

      From Rampage CD I copied and used Rampage.cfg and Rampage.ppd, I made my own devices (23" and smaller) and (26" and bigger).

      I am not saving jobs in Preps. I do File -> Print and there is no option for EPS as in version 4.x, only PS File, PDF and others.

      I don't understand what you mean by saving as eps. Do you print from Preps or save jobs as?

      What is your workflow?


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        Re: Rampage and Preps integration

        you don't actually save as EPS as in version 4, you load the Rampage CFG file, then go to print..up top PS file should be specified, then Divide output by should be checked with Side selected.

        when you hit print, Preps should prompt you to specify where you want your eps files saved, then it should save them.

        if you check your technotes the preps integration is outlined there.


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          Re: Rampage and Preps integration

          Thank you Cory. I got it to work. I had some issues with tiling. If you turn tiling on - Side as a option is replaced with Tile as my old Preps 4.

          This Preps 5 is smoking fast on my new 20" intel iMac.

          Why don't you use PDF workflow?

          I am re-thinking my workflow - pros and cons moving to PDF instead of EPS (FontWizard) out of Quark. I am already doing PDFs from Indy.


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            Re: Rampage and Preps integration

            I have a special job that has many versions. If I use the pdf and it's naming, it is so much easier. I just load up all the FPOs and they fall right into place without having to adjust them (there are more than 20 pages per version). My runlist will have more than 500 pages with as many as 35 versions. This last run fell in so easy! Not one page was out of order and the proofs came back PERFECT...for once!

            Before that, it was nearly 4 hours making the runlist.



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              Re: Rampage and Preps integration

              Ryan -

              Don't forget the main reason to use .eps workflow in Preps is so that you can use your RamPage FPO's. This allows Preps to work much faster than if you were to use your live files.

              It also allows you to register and RIP pages independently instead of RIPing an entire flat. This is faster, easier to troubleshoot, and quick to make single page changes.



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                Re: Rampage and Preps integration


                Does that independent RIP workflow rather than the RIP Flat workflow have anything to do with Preps 4 or higher? (3.7 here).

                I've argued about upgrading and UPGRADING and least the wall listens.


                I forgot to add we are printing through Preps via "File" and "Tiles" settings after selecting a device in the Preps setup.

                Edited by: Frank on Dec 12, 2007 11:01 PM


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