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Mapping color bar to spot color?

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  • Mapping color bar to spot color?

    This is my first post so hello to everyone. I am currently working in a Trueflow environment but am still mentally attached to my previous experiences with Apogee.

    I'm trying to figure out how to map one of my process color bars to my spot color when proofing/plating 1-3 color spot color jobs. I have had success doing the reverse (mapping my spot to a process value) but this causes unnecessary confusion in the press room. Has anyone had any luck with doing this or do I have to revert to a 5 or 6 color color bar to achieve this?

    It was so easy to do in Apogee that it's just bugging the crap out of me trying to logically figure out in Trueflow.

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    Re: Mapping color bar to spot color?

    Just a thought. I work in direct mail and as thus not had the bonus of color bars in 2.5 years.
    However, try this.
    In Illustrator, make your CYAN have another color underneath it that is DS1 (isn't that what they
    call it?). Make that color overprint??
    I did something similar with a CC1 bar at one of our other facilities.
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      Re: Mapping color bar to spot color?

      Hello Will. I would take a colour bar into illustrator and change the colours to reflect the number needed. Resave and import into trueflow alongside your usual colour bars. Could even make a few containing different number of spots to keep it even for the pressman. (Only problem I had after doing this was the colour bar would not show proofing through the GMG to inkjet)



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