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    Recenty we bought digital press where we print a job that requiers additional work on our flexo fa-3300 machine. Here is where we encounter the problems with re-register control. First of all we make shure that the printing press is matched to the gear repeat that is used on flexo for printing additional color on the pre printed
    digital press. The register on fa-3300 will lock on a register mark but the register itself wont hold. The graph that is displayed on a working computer is showing straight line at the botom of the graph. We tried different tensions but no luck in getting the register to work. If we print register on a flexo we have no problems in obtaining the register to work properly. Only if we try to lock the register that was printed in digital we cannot obtain register to hold. Is there any solution for this, do you have any suggestions what we should do/try.

    best regards

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    What kind of a digital press are you using? You are going reel-to-reel and there aren't many reel-to-reel digital machines.

    Do you have the option of running flexo first and then the digital?


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      if we print flexo first we need to make additional pass on flexo again becouse we need to die cut the labels then. i tried to make the job run in 2 passes first on digital print then put it on flexo with printing one collor on backside than using turn over bars and print on the front side and die cutting at the same time. if we print flexo first then it goes to digital and then again back on flexo becouse of die cuting. That's 3 passes which tooks a lot of production time. Has anyone tried to re-print after digital? We have big problems with register. It just wont hold.


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        If you are printing black only with your digital then you should consider fitting your flexo press with an inkjet head. That way you save yourself one pass and a lot of time.

        There are lots of inkjet heads out there. Here's one example...


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          We know it has been quite a while since you submitted this post but we just saw it and would like to help. Our company, Servo Technologies, produces a Reregister unit that is specifically designed to lock in and maintain precise register when re-introducing pre-printed materials for digital finishing, second pass printing or peel & read printing. You can check out our Infeed+Reregister System on our website at The system allows you to marry two webs to add colors, add die cuts, laminate, varnish or any other embellishments your press supports. It is a revolutionary technology without peer in the printing industry. Check it out and feel free to contact us at
          Servo Technologies SV Re-register and Infeed Web Tension Systems update your Flexo, Rotary Offset and Gravure press for far less than new equipment.


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