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Anti Algae Solution in Washup tank?

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  • Anti Algae Solution in Washup tank?

    We recently purchased a 2003 6 Color Heidelberg CD Press. The Washup tank has 3 compartments, 2 Chemical Tanks and 1 Water tank, Do We need to use something in the water tank to prevent Algae from Growing? If so what and how much?

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    Re: Anti Algae Solution in Washup tank?

    Are you using RO water with a deionizing filter, just a guess but I don't believe they can flourish in an environment with no source of food, so to speak. Down here in south texas ro is required due to the harsh water, don't know where in the country you are located so I can't assume you use the same setup.

    good luck


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      Re: Anti Algae Solution in Washup tank?

      Just in case you have trouble. Peroxide works great and turns back into water after algae is gone.


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        Re: Anti Algae Solution in Washup tank?

        Hi John,

        Only distilled water should be used in the washup tank, if you use ro it still has minerals in it which are left in the pipes when the water evaporates, you might see a loss of water on the side away from the feed to the nozzles. As earlier micro organisims wont grow in the water as there is no food for them to survive.



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          Re: Anti Algae Solution in Washup tank?

          Tap water is fine. I've never seen actual algae or fungi growing in water compartment. More than likely what your seeing is a little bit of solvent that worked its way into the water tank, or a helper accidentally spilled a little in while the lids are off. This is quite common. It looks like a thick milky film/sludge floating on the top. Nothing to be concerned about as long as there's just a little bit on top. If you actually do have algae, try adding a little bit of IPA to your water. It will kill the algae and wont harm the rollers in such a diluted amount.


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