Looking for ID Card Finishing Solutions


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I'm looking for possible equipment solutions (laminating and die cutting) for finishing ID's. Currently we are printing around 300,000 ID"s yearly in the on several Evolis printers from July to mid-August and hand punching the holes in them. I'd like to:
1. Print the ID"s on our HP Indigo press (imposed on either a 12x18 or 13x19 sheet, 7mil Teslin)
2. Laminate both sides with a 10mil 4/6 gloss laminating film.
3. Die cut the press sheets (with the hole for the lanyard), keeping the ID's in order.

Thanks in advance!
Die cut them on a kluge. You can put a little heat in the die to assist in cutting though the laminate. Have your die maker rule the die for laminated stock.


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