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  • Free Maintenance Scheduling Program!

    Hi All,

    Over the years I've gained much help from the Printplanet forums and am grateful for all involved who have given of their personal time to answer my questions and help me solve my problems.

    I'm always mindful of this and look for ways that I can perhaps give back. (other than posting what I know for others).

    So I'm excited to share some software that I found while pouring over the internet late one night that truly is a gem! I got excited when I found it (hey I'm a maintenance nerd) and took me some time to believe that it was completely free.

    The product is called [Maintenance Assistant|].

    *There's so much to the product that it's best to create a list:*

    • FREE (yes completely)
    • Runs on Mac, Windows or Linux as a server (Doesn't take much to run it either)
    • Can be published online, to be acccessed anywhere you like
    • Can schedule based on hours, days, months or years
    • Can schedule maintenance based on last completed date (I knew you'd like that one)
    • Can schedule maintenance based on meter readings (use it for impressions. "Change anti-marking sheets every 350,000 impressions" etc)
    • Can look ahead at upcoming maintenance
    • Assign maintenance to an operator (or anyone)
    • Operators can log what they've done - They log-in to the system with their own username.
    • Operators automatically get emails with new maintenance 'work orders'
    • Manager automatically get email reports when maintenance 'work orders' are complete.
    • Assign maintenance to a specific press (or any piece of equipment)
    • Reporting based on number of criteria.
    • Create task procedures for your maintenance.
    •* Print work orders out
    • Assign parts and manage stock control with automatic "Request for Quote" from your suppliers when stock is used. - pretty cool.

    *Basically it runs like this:*

    1. You install it on your server (it's fairly easy to do, no command line or junk like that) and from the server you:
    2. You create Assets (your press, CTP, bindary etc)
    3. You create users (your staff)
    4. You create suppliers (optional)
    5. You create parts (optional)
    6. You create tasks

    - assigned to the Device (press for example)
    - select a Staff member or Any Technician
    - Select Parts which you want to use
    - Select the scheduling of it

    *Then you boot the browser, anywhere in the factory (or outside the factory if you want - not too diffiicult):*

    1. Boot your maintenance assistant webpage and see all the 'due' maintenance.
    2. Search for upcoming maintenace
    3. Log-in and check off maintenance you've completed
    4. Create 'one-off' work orders (end of year stuff or whatever)

    It's pretty cool stuff. I like the fact that you can update the 'meter readings' with your impression count and do maintenance based on actual impressions.

    Yes I'm sure Prinect has this feature...but this is free and can be used for any device!!!

    *Maintenance Intelligence*
    Now I haven't quite figured out how to do this yet since I'm not a charting wizard, but it would also be good to log problems that you have in the system together with the maintenace. Then somehow be able to create a chart which shows all the maintenance performed and all the problems in sequential order along a line.

    The point being, you can see where issues are showing up and where preventive maintenance is being performed. If you notice that 13 weeks after cleaning the delivery you get setoff issues related to 'no powder', then you may be able to bring the interval back to 10-12 weeks.

    This way eliminating unncessary redundancy and still avoiding unscheduled down time. Means more time for production.

    Hopefully my 'dummy chart' will illustrate the concept fully. (I've also got a picture of the web interface of Maintenance assistant.)

    *Um isn't It' a little idealistic to say that the cause is from lack of maintenance?*
    True. The cause could be from operator not performing the maintenance correctly or other factors such as room conditions. But at the very least it's better to see the 'patterns' that are occuring. In fact it may even help to point that the issue is NOT caused by maintenance. I'm sure the more data there is, the more accurate the prediction could be. Point being - you can make a better decision with more information.

    (To flog a dead horse, since maintenance can be delegated to different operators, perhaps having who performed the maintenance written beside the maintenance task on the graph could point out 'problem operators'.)

    *For the really bright ones*
    If you know how to chart information like the above, perhaps you could share it with everyone. The goal I suppose of this post is to help struggling printers who might not be able to afford the expensive systems that others have. Or to help the Production Manager with great responsibility but limited resources to do his/her job better.


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    Re: Free Maintenance Scheduling Program!

    Well I thought that this application was generating no interest since there were no replies to it

    However I received an email from the Director of Maintenance Assistant he said that Google Analytics displayed 90 visits and he's noticed 20 sign ups under printers/publishers, so it appears it has generated quite a bit of interest!

    He asked whether he could do a case study on Hollands Print Solutions, so that's up there now at [the Maintenance Assistant site|]

    Have a gander if you like!



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      It is truely amazing what you will find in here...

      It still apppears a little lite on conversation here but sounds like your onto something.. have you had anymore positive feed back on this assistant program. Where I work at I know we do regular preventive maintenance most of the time but I have often wondered how much time is lost by operators fumbeling over themselves doing a job twice because someone doesnt want to do the other things that are more difficult, unglamourous, or just to involved for them, so they dont get done properly!
      Sounds like this assistants thing could help manage PMs: delegate duties to individuals and help prioritize the flow of projects..
      I think I will send this link to my pressroom manager.. anymore info is always welcome.



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        Originally posted by Sfdp2300 View Post
        I think I will send this link to my pressroom manager..
        i'm going to do the same thing. we've been trying to come up with a good maintenance alternative to our current plan. this looks very promising.


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          Old post, new member lol.

          I did something a little different that I'd figured wouldn't hurt to pass along. I made checklists for all my machines, forklifts, trucks and anything else I wanted in excel. It would be the manufacturers recommended maintenance plus some added that we thought was needed. Then I used microsoft Tasks to assign all of the checklists to our maintenance department. They then print them out and give the checklists to the operators. What I like about this is that it's easy, you can set up reminders (it can even pop up on your smartphone), assign tasks to multiple people if needed and you can set it for daily/weekly/monthly/6 month/yearly or whatever you want.

          We also schedule our maintenance as a job so that we make sure we take the time to do it. Our maintenance department does a walkthrough after the checklist is completed and initialed by our operators. This allows the maintenance department to get a feel for potential problems. If you don't have a maintenance department, your shift supervisor can fill in.

          After the checklist is completed, we put them into 3-ring binders with the newest date on top. That way it is easy to go back through if you have a problem. You should have separate tabs for the daily, weekly, monthly, etc. or it gets a little messy in the binder. We also have a binder for each piece of equipment. This would be very useful if/when you try to sell your used equipment.

          Anyway, that's about the gist of it.

          Great site!!!! I'm learning a lot going through all the old posts.


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