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    Anyone have any ways to tell if an already printed piece has an AQ? Varnish and UV are easier to tell just based on smell and I thought of the writing test to see if a ballpoint will write on it but we use three different AQs and I just tried writing on all three and they accepted the ink totally fine...

    I'm looking at various printed and bound samples and trying to determine if they were coated or not.

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    If you have a loop you might be able to see it on the surface depending on the type of coating used. I use a loop to check my coating lay down from time to time.


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      You can try giving it a crude squalene test. Take your index finger and wipe it along your nose. Now take that finger and rub it with light pressure against the printed area. If the ink easily rubs off then there is no aqueous coating.


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        Hey it works, you did say wipe your finger around your nose and not up your nose right?


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          Rj litho

          Spray any household cleaner on Aq fantastic force forty and wait for a bit and then wipe it the Aq will wipe off and the varnish will not .


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            Originally posted by Cornishpastythighs View Post

            Hey it works, you did say wipe your finger around your nose and not up your nose right?
            Hey, if it worked for you, it doesn't matter where you put that finger! lol


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