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Epson 9880 printing too short

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  • Epson 9880 printing too short

    I've got two 9880's and the length of the prints on one printer are too short.
    If I print say an 800mm image on one then it comes out 800mm long but if I print on the other it comes out about 795mm & banding can be seen on the image. Not only that but if I measure the image side to side there is about 2-3mm difference in length.
    It seems to be media weight related because if I print on 80gsm matt then it comes out pretty much the right size but the above results were on 200gsm.
    Both printers are set exactly the same, same firmware same driver etc & I have done a factory reset on the one causing the problem along with a full head alignment just incase, but cannot figure out what is causing the problem.

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    Wow! You've done everything I would have tried. Without knowing your RIP/printing software, is there a setting within that might be slightly different between the two printers?



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      Not using a RIP, printing directly from Photoshop using the Epson driver for Mac. As far as I can tell both printers/drivers are set exactly the same.


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