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Print head gone belly up

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  • Print head gone belly up

    Hi there.

    My Mutoh print head has died. (VJ1324). Looking at various options. I'm a bit reluctant to spend a lot of money as my ROI is low. (I don't do a lot of wide format vinyl work). The two options that seem to make the most iancial sense is I just farm everything out or I purchase one of these. (see attached). This is less than 1/2 the price of purchasing from the local agent.

    Yes I know all the risks.

    I'm just wanting to get feedback on purchasing (relatively cheap) Chinese print heads. Good or bad!.

    Can you purchase with paypal and if it doesn't work stop the payment? I don't know? would you have time thinking about freight time from China to New Zealand

    Is there a particular Chinese seller someone can recommend?

    Your thoughts are much appreciated.
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    It depends on your availability of trade sources. I pay 89 cents sqft for vinyl banners with next day turnaround. Im not sure I would ever get my own equipment.


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      Thanks Greg. Yes I can get good trade prices. Was thinking more along the lines of how reliable are these "cheap" Chinese heads. Keeping in mind I have the printer here taking up room. I don't think I will be able to bring myself to bin it especially since I'm still paying the thing off.


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        Well, I guess the question is, is it really "cheap"? I can buy "cheap" Chinese auto parts and if you take them and put them beside a "Brand" auto part you will see that they are often out of the same manufacturing facility. The exact same part for 25% of the price. I can buy Otterbox phone cases for $3.00 from China. They are not knock-offs or counterfeit. They are the same case you would pay $30-$50 for here in the US in an Otterbox package that Otterbox imports and puts their lifetime guarantee on. Of course the name stamped on them is a trademark so I couldn't legally import them and sell them. Though people do all of the time and get away with it for awhile. The Chinese companies don't care who they sell to, even if the branding is stamped on the product.

        So, where is the Mutoh print head made? If not China I would be surprised. Even "Made in Japan" is Made in China. If you research carefully you may be able to buy from the manufacturer that makes them for Mutoh at a fraction of the price. Maybe the one you are looking at is actually it.

        NOTE: Everywhere I see that print head sold with that photo, it is described as "originial" or "OEM". That could very well be true.
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          Hi Greg. Yes all good points. If it doesn't work on installation or fails just after a few months it is not cheap. (It is very expensive). I was just hoping to get some feed back from someone who has had a good experience (and could recommend a source) for these. I struggle to understand why they are so expensive threw the normal channels.
          But yes fantastic if I can get hold of a genuine "Mutoh" head but threw a different source. I suspect to many people are clipping the ticket. thanks


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            I do find it interesting that it has a Mutoh logo on it. As I said, Chinese manufacturers will sell what they make to anyone, even if it is branded. But their caution about professional installation is to be taken seriously. It's quite easy to damage a print head. The replacement should be done by someone with the proper training and tools.


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              thanks Greg. Point noted about getting someone experienced to in install. Has anyone had any experience with this website?
     thanks Simon


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