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    Estimating and Reality

    What I think is it totally depends on the quality of estimating software. Producing accurate and quick estimates is a challenge. If you your web2print solution can do quick and accurate estimating for you, you are so lucky. If not then I will suggest you to try myprintcloud PrintMIS. Its...
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    No, this is not. Online proofing system should be responsive enough to show same results across any device whether it is monitor, laptop screen, pc or tablet. You can try some other web2print solution and see if the problem persists. For an instance I will recommend you to give integrated...
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    Spare me the details

    What I think is keep things simple. Do not complicate things. Tell printers only what is necessary for them to know and that is how your solution is beneficial to them. How should they use it to get maximum benefit out of it. Leave the technical details. This is how we do at MyPRINTCloud. We...
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    Looking for Options

    If you offer a comprehensive solution customized to the business model of each customer combined with an excellent customer support service, you will get loyal customers who will not move away from you. Service quality is the main thing. Captivate your customer with your highly functional...
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    Life of a Pressman

    The key is to remain active. Follow the ongoing trends to see the change. Don’t stay static because static results into stagnant. So embrace the new and evolving technologies (Web to print and PrintMIS) to experience the change and new possibilities making printing a fun.
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    RIP Michael Wagstaff, Sydney printer who passed away suddenly at 43

    Staff at Centrum Printing and around Sydney are mourning the loss of Michael Wagstaff, who died suddenly in his sleep on January 18 aged only 43. The unexpected death of the popular estimator has shocked the western Sydney print firm and many others around the industry who knew the...
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    Looking for an online design tool with vector output

    Most of the web2print solutions provides an inbuilt design tool having all the features required to make an awesome design and allow the users to generate high resolution print ready PDF output. I will suggest you to look into MyPRINTCloud that features an intuitive and feature rich interface to...
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    Five Things You Owe Your Employer - And Five You Don't

    Great Article. Work-Life balance is a thing every employer and employee should consider. Stay honest and perform your duties diligently during the work hours. This way you will not need to work over-time. So if an employee is giving his best during the designated time, the employer has no right...
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    The Eight Rules of Success to Think About Every Morningn

    Thanks armya for sharing a nice article. out of these 8 rules, i think the ones "Get Organized" and "Don't Run before you can walk" are extremely important. they should never be compromised on.
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    At the same time we can never deny importance of money as a motivator. There is a theory in HR that says that it is not money that motivates employees, it is the absence of money that motivates him. iIt may implies that if he has less money, he will work hard to get more of it.
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    This reminded me about a German man about whom i was reading in NEWS few days ago. He said that a man can work more productively, efficiently and come up with innovative ideas if we free him from the worry of earning bread n butter. so he decided to give people some amount absolutely free so...
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    7 P’s Leaders use to Achieve Goals

    Nobody says to rely 100% on prayer. It basically means to put your 100% effort and then pray. Sometimes it happens that we put our utmost effort but still we do not achieve. So besides making efforts, pray for your efforts to produce result.

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What about Profitability?
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