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    PDF Choking APPE - Best Practice?

    And also here are the simplify results.
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    PDF Choking APPE - Best Practice?

    First off thank you everyone for your help thus far. Unfortunately, as you may have guessed, due to InfoSec/customer file retention policies I can not share this file. See the attached result from Pitstop:
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    PDF Choking APPE - Best Practice?

    To answer some questions, a single page file. Number of nodes in a path greater than 1000 = 95
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    PDF Choking APPE - Best Practice?

    So I have been unable to flatten, it crashes my Macbook Pro. I have also tried to open the file back up in AI and save out as a PDFX1, same issue. It is almost like there is a conflict with one transperancy layer that when either the APPE or Adobe goes to flatten that layer it locks up. I'm...
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    PDF Choking APPE - Best Practice?

    I have a customer provided PDFX4 with over 1200 vectors and a few hundred transparancy layers - don't ask. It is choking my APPE and it is running out of memory while trying to RIP it. In Caldera I can change the flattening behavior of the APPE to allow this thing to RIP however it is not...
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    Have you benefitted from the recent economic uptick!

    Wonder if everyone is feeling the same as they did almost a year ago.
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    The next big opportunity for offset?

    I just left one of the largest commercial printers in the world and my primary focus was supporting the production of dye-sublimated soft signage. The demand for this was coming mostly from the retail industry or clients with 500, 1000, 2000+ locations which needed quarterly signage shipped to...
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    Acrobat PreFlight Profile

    Prepress is not my strongest suit but I have a question and I'm hoping someone can help me with. I need to create a simple droplet that will analyze the file for spot colors and if a spot color is present append the file name with _SPOT. Is that possible? I see the spot color check, and the...
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    Which VD format for EFI?

    PDF/VT is the universal format that I see taking the industry forward from here on out. I would stick with it. MailGuru might have some good insight on this.
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    Can I create a curve adjustment in Acrobat Pro DC?

    Do you clearly define what you are giving them and do you select your vendors while considering their color management workflow? I would say that a print provider should only output what you give them, but it should be clear what you are providing. You and your print provider should have an...
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    Can I create a curve adjustment in Acrobat Pro DC?

    No, this is not an option in Acrobat, someone might know if a trick through a fix-up or something but there isn't a simple curve adjustment. Can this happen at the RIP instead of in the file if everyone doesn't have access to pitstop?
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    blotchy bue and green on Versant 2100

    Usually this can be corrected with a 2nd bias transfer voltage adjustment. Sorry it has been a little time since I was around one and forget how to get to the setting to adjust.
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    Looking to offer time on a Heidelberg digital press

    This sounds like a dangerous business decision for a not-so great printer. This is just a Ricoh, not a Heidelberg. Ricoh is a fine printer but I wouldn't expect someone to twist their business plan for one. What can a Ricoh do that a Xerox, Canon, KM can't that wouldn't require you to have to...
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    The floppy

    I would buy an Oregon Trail on 5.25 or SimCity on 3.5.
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    Which one is a cost-effective color printer?

    May I suggest this? Has 120 color channels so....pretty advanced.

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