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    Compostable Poly Bag Material?

    Hi All, We have a magazine that mails out to about 10,000 subscribers in the United States. We currently poly bag (via machine) each magazine before mailing. Some of our subscribers don't like that it comes in a poly bag. Does anyone here have/use poly bag material that is compostable or more...
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    PHP Errors?

    Hey All, think it's figured out.. not seeing the error any longer on my end.. Please let me know you see it anymore.
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    Return Policy

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    In Your Place

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    This is a test thread
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    The Marketing Manager

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    The Pressroom Manager

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    The Advertising Manager

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    The Meeting

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    Striking Printshop Employees

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    The New Hire

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    After the Expert

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    Software Support

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What about Profitability?
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