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    Best envelope printer?

    Not sure how much you want to spend but I would look at the Ijet Pro 1175P. iJetColor Pro 1175P — iJetColor Inkjet not toner and fast.
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    Uncoated 20# Bond Wavy after digital printing

    Yes the have newer toners allowing for lower heat. But wavvy sounds funny I assume you have the setting for the correct paper weight and type? Try lowering it, check if toner is fused ok to sheet that might help. To have some curl up or down might be standard on 20# but you should be able to...
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    Alternative to high resolution imagesetting

    Mitsubishi sells a Thermal plate machine TDP-459E Prints film or a polyester plate for shorter runs.
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    KM4070 vs Xerox V280

    I have always stayed away from Xerox have heard of two many nightmares. I have three KM not saying it is better then Ricoh or Cannon. But I have the best service guy and that is what is important.
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    anyone have a KM Accurio C6085?

    We have the KM 6085 with the IQ. Consistent color and registration. Sometimes 13 x 19 gives me a out of range error on the IQ but if it is off very little you can change the setting to how far off you will except. All other sizes adjust on fly and have no issues. I didn't want to spend the money...
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    Konica Minolta 1085 ghosted image on prints

    It's a fuser temperature issue. Once I just changed which tray it was feeding out of and it fixed it. I assumed because that try had a different temp setting. Your tech should be able to change the setting and get it to work. I had issues with 100# gloss cover.
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    Aqueous Paper on Solvent machine

    Can you use Aqueous Paper on Solvent machine. Seems like all the roll media for eco-solvent machine is gloss or semi-gloss is there a true matte or just heavy bond paper? I can get Aqueous compatible paper like that, but would it work on my solvent machine?
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    small format uv printer

    Mimaki has a series of small flatbed. Have one with white and clear does a nice job
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    64'' printers roland vs640i, Epson sc4060, or Mimaki (cut&print)?

    If you cut off line look at Mutoh. I like ours.
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    New To The Site - Seeking UV Printer

    I'm almost certain you will not find a digital press toner or ink jet to do 28 pt. I think a flatbed UV printer is best for this. You should be able to register both side if you do a jig. We have a small Mimaki UV printer that could do this but I don't think as cheap as a digital press.
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    Printing white numbers onto a 1 meter long medical device

    For none printer a flatbed printer is easiest. But needing a meter long you would have to spend a lot of money because of the size. We have one small Mimaki that prints white on parts, otter boxes but can't do that 3 feet. Engraver might be next best option. Pad printing could do job but you...
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    Ricoh c7100 or KM c1085 Does anyone have experience with both?

    I could be wrong but I think the the km 1070 runs envelopes not 1085. But I have heard great thing's about 1085 getting ours in two weeks.
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    Imagepress 8000 on its way!!!

    Sorry about the issues you had. We have a km 8000 for almost 3 years. Runs good in spurts then a issue and fight it with service calls. To many issues. We did not complain much but talked to a fellow printer that had issues and km replaced there 8000 with 1085 and they love it. So we talked with...
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    Delphax elanâ„¢500

    Does anyone know this machine. Is it designed for transaction printing descent quality but mainly for mailing and billing pieces. Or can it do quality good enough for say digital printers that would run normally a KM 1085, Ricoh, or Canon toner machines? I like the size but not sure if it is...

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