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    Omet Offset Flexo

    Omet PDF marks Omet PDF marks Is there any Prepress person with experiencie to produce the jobs for this machines ? I just need one template in PDF format , or all the needed marks in PDF . Is there any CD like the Dipco from Heidelberg ?? Where I can get all the information to create the...
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    Omet Offset Flexo

    Hello to everyone . Is there any place where i can get information about the templates , special marks to use with this machine . If possible one pdf manual will be great . All the Best padrao
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    DIPS DC CLOSE LOOP Software from Printflow .

    Hi to all . Is there anyone using the DIPSDC,version 2 ? What experiences do you have wotking with one CD74 with Prepress Interface and close loop only . Can this be used to control jobs with a very very short printing length, like for example 200 sheets . . i Have some problems with the...
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    Which software can move CMYK curve of a pdf?

    The best form is the Acrobat plugin´s from Heidelberg . The name for this software is PDF TOOLBOX 2013 . With that you can lots of things and there is one ColorManagement . With that you can convert one PDF using any icc profile you need . Maybe you can ask for a demo , and the best of all is...
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    Prosetter 74. gives error 3260

    Gripper problems, you need a Heidelberg tech . . .
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    Folding carton software

    You can check also the SignaPack Pro or Packaging Pro from Heidelberg . Check both animations generated on SignaPackPro , this software is very easy to work . Ask for a demo on your Heidelberg agency .
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    FujiFilm XMF 5.0.1 - Alias Black to a spot colour??

    Hi with Heidelberg workflow that work with no problems :)
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    Prinect Signa Station

    3 words Master Data Storaged 3 words Master Data Storaged Ask help from your local Heidelberg . Its the best way to know what software you have there ... Most don´t know what they have, work with only 30% production from what software was developed for . . .
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    Printing problem , labels .

    any idea ????
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    Printing problem , labels .

    Hi . I am facing some problems with printing labels on one old SM74 Cptronic 1.04 . The printer guy says the problem is from plates, and i say the problem is on your press machine . The printer is complain about the labels from the middle are different from the left and right side . The press...
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    Freehand gradients visible steps

    Thanks for all help . This was one issue from one customer that say´s on other RIp´s i don´t have problem´s . . . This was output on Prosetter with correct lineariazation done.If i create one gradient from 100 to 0 all perfect . This kind of file maybe it´s better to create the gradient on...
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    Freehand gradients visible steps

    Hi to all . I have one question about freehand gradients . I have one file, with a gradient from freehand, witch change from from 6 to 0. After several test i always gets the banding, the steps are very visible . Is there any way to produce a smooth gradient from freehand ? See attached files...
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    Multiline Classic .Glunz-jensen film developer issue .

    the missing files.
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    Multiline Classic .Glunz-jensen film developer issue .

    I have one problem with this model, as soon i switch the machine, automatically start to work the Dryer ,water valve open and the hearts on, like he gets film on input . I heve check all the parameters and all appear to be ok, via diagnostic i can start, test, all the sensors and motor´s all...
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    Error 7804 - Plate not detected on drum On Suprasetter

    endless problems on Suprasetter ???? endless problems on Suprasetter ???? Hi , where are you locate ? What Suprasettter version do you have , A Series or S,H . Is that a new CTP ? . To adjust the encoder ,glass wheel, you need a special lupe, and is very very critical to find the correct...

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