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    FTP Use

    I have had PureFTPd running on a Mac (currently a mini!) for several years. I can set up private client areas as needed, and have had very little problem with its use. You would do well (and it may be necessary) to get a static IP address. Pat
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    Getting PDFs to play well with ArtPro

    Getting PDFs to play well with ArtPro The customized PDF (1.6, no downsampling, etc.), is the route we have gone as well (Nexus workflow). Occasionally we lose a workflow-created replacement tiff, but that is a small price to pay for bringing in files made by designers who no nothing about...
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    Recirculator on CtP platesetter to reduce waste?

    Is there any system that can take CtP thermal plate developer and recirculate it, to cut down on amount of liquid that needs to be hauled away? Pat
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    CTP Developer Neutralizer Options

    When we set up our CTP plate processor, we installed a Procam PropH-T/P Neutralizer. There were some issues, and we are currently going the route of barrels and waste disposal. We would like to go back to the neutralizer solution; the PropH-T/P unit would need to be upgraded, or completely...
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    Misomex MP5000 literature?

    Our Structural Design department has been experimenting with cutting coating blankets on a Misomex MP5000 machine with some success. The Misomex delivered to our Prepress department today; I'm thrilled for the new opportunities it offers some of my team, but it came with no manuals, schematics...
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    Reading .mif files--standalone software?

    Thanks, Louis; that did the trick. I am looking at getting ColorMunki for long-term use of the software. Pat
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    Reading .mif files--standalone software?

    Is there a standalone software (Mac or PC) that will read .mif files supplied by a customer without plugging in my X-Rite spectrodensitometer? Pat Peterson Color-Box Richmond, IN
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    Need help with PDF out of Nexus Processor (original art contains DCS2 image

    I have a customer who supplies art that includes a DCS2 file for the background image. I need to send them a PDF back for initial approval, but the PDF out of Nexus Processor (Nexus version 8.6 rev2) does not play well with older versions of Acrobat Reader (and appears incorrectly in Apple...
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    Printheads scraping paper on HP Z6100

    Re: Printheads scraping paper on HP Z6100 We had a similar problem with our HP5500. The vacuum under the platen would quit working and wreak havoc on our prints. tech support suggested a firmware upgrade--which we received and installed today. don't know if that is the answer yet, but it is...
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    Member Spotlight - Terry Wyse

    Re: Member Spotlight - Terry Wyse Keaggy rocks! From Glass Harp on (and back to Glass Harp. . . ).


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