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    Problem with Heidelberg PM52-5 colour rollers not lifting...

    what is your pre and post damp setting on the consol
  2. rbailleu

    Heidelberg Quickmaster DI 46

    they are okay presses. call Heidelberg about parts. plates are available good for a small shop one or 2 people were you can do something else while it images plates. register is not the best side to side. decent to the gripper
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    Moire pattern on offset anicolor press

    if the Heidelberg plates were the same image and had no moire, Id say you have a screening issue in your rip. If I could afford an anicolor sm52, I might consider just looking into a Heidelberg rip or ctp system. it would appear that they have a superior screening algorithm. or for that...
  4. rbailleu

    Moire pattern on offset anicolor press

    have you tried those plates on a different press. to rule out the plates. or have someone close make plates on a different type rip from your file and see what happens.
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    clean out unit on supra a75

    rollers fixed the issue
  6. rbailleu

    Difference between Heidelberg SM 52 and Roland 300 press?

    the biggest difference between a 52 and a 300 is one is a 20 inch press and on is a 29 inch half size
  7. rbailleu

    clean out unit on supra a75

    I have a supra setter and use chem free 101 plates. the clean out unit is starting to leave a little residue on the plates down one side. the rollers appear to be spring loaded but is there some adjustment to this pressure. or is it time to get new rollers or just a good scrubbing.
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    Sad to say, I'm on my way...

    I have to agree with alith7. give me the 45+ everytime. no kids to deal with. they show up to work. down side is affordability, but if we can agree on a wage then perfect. the affordable care act should help out with health care right.
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    Hookup for tabber

    watch for the contacts that connect on impression.
  10. rbailleu

    new version question time.

    another quick question for a small user. are the cockpit workstations required to be 64 bit now as well. I have one thats not up to speed. also on ppi are we going to have to upgrade to windows 7 64 bit. if so I will have to by a new usb card reader/writer.
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    Changing the belt on a Heidelberg k line 68a converted letter press

    i dont know either but I need to change our ks letterpress belt. from my first looks the issue seems to be the brake. I was thinking 2 bolts and it would flop down and out of the way.
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    new version question time.

    we just have the tech come out and install everything, so maybe thats why they are waiting. being 4 hours out is tough on the install guys. i prefer not to be the first to run the software. its always nice to get the first patches installed with the software.
  13. rbailleu

    new version question time.

    update, looks like its going to be may -june before they get it out to contract users.
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    QM46/2 losing air pressure

    take off your side frames and listen. I had screws coming out of some of the solenoids. you may just have to buy some and trial and error, but it sounds like you have a large leak. you should be able to find the problem.
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    Prinect 2011, Ink keys and the Press console

    is this through prepress interface. going to meta is different than sending to ppi.

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