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    Looking to start a print business & need advice

    You need to find the right person first which will save you lot of money, basically you can lease a xerox like v280, a folder a paper cutter and collator with inline booklet maker like Dan had, for offset part you can always outsource to 4over, but most important part is find a handyman know...
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    scheduling a daily morning print to wake up my printer (Ricoh C5310)?

    you might wanna try Automator App on a mac, just print a g7 calibration sheet at scheduled time.
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    Anyone using Euclidean dot and why? Sheetfed Offset

    Page 43
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    Fiery for Konica Bizhub 1060 can't see network

    1. on fiery, obtain an dynamic ip from dhcp server 2 on your router dhcp server set up page, assign fiery a static ip, you need to finish this step then everything will be ok
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    Best envelope feeder for QM46-2

    c9000 from press specialty for long run, but not for a job less than say 2000, need about 10 mins to set up the machine
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    Gto-52 4 double

    Komori has a series of educational videos which I like very much, take a look at this one
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    Need Help Adding Quicksetter Printer to Mac

    New imac won't let you install old systems on it just like iphone, the 2nd method to solve this problem is just print as ps file then put on any shared space, just drag the ps file to workflow
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    Need Help Adding Quicksetter Printer to Mac

    Are you sure the old rip support samba talk in this case? RTI sell a generic driver kit for 50$ to solve this kind problem, now they bought by Xitron, the only choice left is upgrade old rip to harlequin 13
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    Need Help Adding Quicksetter Printer to Mac

    I guess one simple solution is sharing the rip from other working mac, then Just print to the shared printer
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    Need Help Adding Quicksetter Printer to Mac

    if rip still use apple talk, then new macs won't work, old one upgraded from old os so apple talk still being kept and function normal
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    Some quality issue questions

    looks like lint from the rag and dirt on blanket
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    Splody dots

    Try to reduce water a little bit to see if it get any improvement, looks like paper absorb too much water compared to previous stock, in that case, maybe need new ink
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    PM 46 air pressure error

    there might be leaking somewhere if compressor keeps working, open side pannel to check the red tank
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    we use aircare Evaporative Humidifier For 3,600 Sq. Ft. 5.7-Gal. sold by homedepot, about same room size like yours, so far so good
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    Double fold on a booklet

    a knife folder is the one for this kinda job

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