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    I have 2 techkon spectrodens, one premium one advance, maybe we can work out sth, I m from Boston Area
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    Violet Plates / Yellow Safelight

    wrapping some yellow translucent tapes?
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    1st one?

    Hi hi, xenforo
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    Who has or has run a DI press

    Both Ryobi and heidelberg are oem for presstek, right? not a good option if you only have one plate supplier.
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    Recommendations for Poly Plate Machine or Direct to Plate

    We use mitsubishi eco 1630III, pretty good
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    Plate Calibration - Harlequin RIP - Edit From Calibrated/Uncalibrated

    what about in our case, each roll of our plates is slightly different, 2% diffenrence, linearizion can make whole process stable to a known status.
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    Plate Calibration - Harlequin RIP - Edit From Calibrated/Uncalibrated

    Quote From 2018 techkon guide to G7 page 10, because our plate is not that stable, for safe reason, we use linearized plate as guide instructed. Preparation of the Press Form The press form can be downloaded from, or...
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    Plate Calibration - Harlequin RIP - Edit From Calibrated/Uncalibrated

    One reason is if we do the G7 calibration we have to use linearized plate to print p2p target Another reason, We use polyester plate, each roll has slightly difference, around 2%, measured by techkon spectroplate, that is the reason why I calibrate each roll, looks like the plate is not stable...
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    Plate Calibration - Harlequin RIP - Edit From Calibrated/Uncalibrated

    here is my way to do the calibration, I do not use intend or actual press option, just 2 steps, any inputs? 1 I always use uncalibrate target to linearize the plate 2 use a software named curve4 to generate tvi curves for each press and paper, not the one from calibration manager.
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    door lock part for Screen PTR 8300

    plastic part? try diy with a 3d printer?
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    Yes, PrintPlanet was hacked.

    let us move to xenforo like everybody else
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    RipIt Imagesetter problem

    I guess, when knife at the home position, you should find two wires connect to a switch at that position, the switch might be malfunction or out of adjustment
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    Scratches on the super blue net.

    my guess
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    Kompac III on GTO 46 scumming and can't find a fix. (Pictures in post)

    what time did you replace those rollers on water unit? looks like you need a new set
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    Heidelberg Printmaster QM 46 piling

    saphira roller? I guess QM46 only woks well with bottcher rollers

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