“TAGA Presents—2021” Announced


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PRINTING United Alliance has announced that registration for TAGA Presents—2021 is now open and free for attendees. TAGA Presents will be held virtually this year—March 11 & March 23, 2021 from 2-3:30 pm EST both days.

Headlined by industry notables, the event provides insight into technology breakthroughs & impacts in printing, graphic communications & related fields, including:
  • Developments in sustainable packaging—How packaging can be used as a profit center to engage consumer interest in new and innovative ways;
  • Color matching across processes—Achieving the best color match between print processes;
  • Exploiting data from MIS solutions—How to use data from management information systems (MIS) to analyze trends & make smarter decisions; and
  • Applications driving progress in printed and hybrid electronics.


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