2016 InterTech Technology Award to InSoft Automation


Staff member
PIA has awarded the 2016 InterTech Technology Award to InSoft Automation–India–for its flagship product “Imp”.

Imp software automates print-ready layouts across a variety of job types (from packaging and labels to magazines) and print processes (offset, digital and wide format). Moreover, rectangular flat jobs and die cut jobs can be ganged separately or together, including:
  • Ganging of folding cartons, optimizing rectangular or die-cut jobs on a flat-bed or roll-to-roll large format press,
  • Ganging jobs together on both sheet-fed and web-fed offset presses, including variable sleeve offset press (VSOP). The software will automatically suggest the optimal sleeve length to be used,
  • Creating imposition plans for books on complex multi-web presses with inline slitters and folders.
There is also accurate estimation and quote generation. For more information: http://insoftautomation.com/


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