Hello dear all,
I'd like to know if you have any suggestion for rendering 3D cups like Heidelberg/Esko/Engeview/etc do for packaging boxes. I know I can do it using Illustrator, but the quality still making me sick.
What you guys are using in the industry? Long time ago I saw a website presentation that you can upload your cup graphics and they can provide this 3D mockup for you, but I'm still looking for it and no success..
So, I appreciate any help on this topic!
I wish you all a very good weekend!

Kind regards,
Sidnei Jr.
I think you can do this with photoshop and a mockup template from envato elements.

I don't have a huge need for mockups but this is the method I use when I want to a mockup for our website graphics.
Chrome translates French to English

Oh yeah of course I know that all kind of browsers can translate anything to whatever.

But first, how many of their potential customers are even aware of this? And of those who are aware, how many will take the trouble of invoking browser translation in order to understand their website?

Plus, after all they ask their question in English on an English-language forum. (And English isn't my mother tongue either.)
Hello everyone, since I've posted here, I'm into two solutions basically, the IC3D Software and Esko Studio.
For know, the photoshop is kind of too much work... I'll take a look into this envato solution that @tngcas said, thank you!
and @bdemay thank you too! This is very nice!
I've a question for you, they are your customer right? Do they need to send to you all new products to you, then you publish it on your website? or do you give them all the access to modify, create or include new projects? I saw only cups, is it also possible to do cups with lids? like the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream cups with lids?

And thank you all for all support and help!
I keep you guys posted!

Kind regards,



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