Agfa Accuset 1000 Feeding issue


Good Day All

We have an Accuset 1000 connected to a Compose RIP. Its been working very well but lately I have a problem that the imager is just feeding film for no reason - the entire roll! When the imager is switched on it goes through its startup and the moment it says ONLINE on the display it starts tofeed the film non stop. Already fed two rolls of film (super quick!!!). I have tried re-loading the film, same problem.

It does this with or without the uptake casette. It has never done this before. At some point the display shows MEDIA ERROR. The first time it happened the machien booted fine and was standing idle, and then all of a sudden we noticed the motor was running and then the film was finished.

Now just after boot up it goes online and feeds, or offline and the moment ot is online it feeds with or without media error.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Regards, Haiko


Active member
Clean all rollers, the resistance motor wheel under the cassette, and the rubber part of the supply cassette spool with acetone. If it persists then one of the two (take up or supply cassette) motors has a bad encoder.


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