Agfa galileo vs error 0057 help needed please



thank you for all you for your help, im getting this error 0057 ("edge sensor never reads saturation") when i try to image a plate, the systems boots ok and everything seems to be in order, but then when a plate goes into the engine and tries to start the error shows, and stops everything and ask to reboot.

the error showed for the first time after a plate was done, it is important to mention that the last plate was not complete (half of plate was filmed correctly and the other half was not filmed)

do you have any idea of whats going on?, could you plesse help me?

thank you very much


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Hi sir Good morning
Will be great idea to do calibration to the machine +Preventive maintenance work
in order to set up the sensors, and cleaning many parts, for to avoid the errors.
Calibration is a way to fix it many problem.
If you need tech documentation i can provide too.


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