AGFA Lithostar Lap-V issue


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Hi all, after several years I got a little problem with those plates:
My print team found these plates unprintable due some halos on the plate when printing, using a cleaner cream it help to save the plate and go on printing but is a waste of time, there's also the fact that plates seem to be more "full" than normal (E.G. a 15% screen is measured 22%).
To try to solve the problem I have washed thoroughly the developer (LP82 ULTRA), I changed all the chem inside with new ones, I have cleaned ctp optic (GALILEO V), I have checked laser exposure power. I also changed plate stock and verified the press condition just to be sure that all works fine. All seems ok, but de facto the problem persist.
Also AGFA guys haven't any idea

Thanks for every hints you could provide!

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