Agfaline problem


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Hello everybody ,
Please can anyone help me with the problem I have on Agfaline 30 olp .
When I switch on the main power button the processor display : ERROR U1:100 .
What can be the problem .
Thanks in advance .
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Prashant M.

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Control Panel is not communicating with the Andromeda board (top one of the sandwitch board in the electronic box).
It could be simple bad contact or can even be a problem in Andromeda board.


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Hello Prashant M.
Thank you for the reply.
I am going to check the communication cable between the control panel and the andromeda board .
Please what is the use of three LED that I see on the andromeda board ?
The are lighting : Green (app)
Yellow (can)
Red (mon)
Are these LEDs always on ?
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