AlphaGraphics: First Adopter of IntuIdeas—Interactive Books


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Stemming from a 2018 book, Introduction to Graphic Communication, AlphaGraphics became the first user of this interactive, printed product, and was recently shown at PRINTINGUnited.

Choosing sections of the 2018 book that applied to AlphaGrapics’ specific training needs, these customized, printed books provide multimedia interactivity via Ricoh’s Clickable Paper app, and are being further personalized with AlphaGrapics’ own branding.

Attendees at PRINTINGUnited were also shown Clickable Paper’s uses across disciplines and fields. A second book, The Sound of Bamboo, uses Ricoh’s Clickable Paper app for over 400 images. Using the traditional Japanese “shakuhachi” flute as an example, the book shows how Clickable Paper can be used across the music industry to demonstrate playing techniques, instrument making, and famous musicians at work. Clickable Paper applications were also discussed & demonstrated for the long-term health care industry showing patient care techniques, family communication, legal requirements, etc.

For more information about interactive customized training publications for the graphic arts industry, or about Clickable Paper in general, contact John Parsons <[email protected]>.

For more information on The Sound of Bamboo or on long-term health-care industry application of Clickable Paper, contact Harvey Levenson <[email protected]>.


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